Sports and betting


Built a dedicated full stack project team to deliver top class sports and betting website with custom content management system and numerous integrations.

First prototypes

In the early prototypes, we were going to use a three-column layout for compact placement of all the necessary content. But after researching various data services, we decided to opt for a two-column layout on the MVP, since we won't be able to get a lot of data.


First iterations

Below you can see the iterative process of finding the right look & feel for the website.

Game Center Widget

This was a separate story. We tried to develop a unique widget that will be able to display the maximum amount of data in the most friendly way. It had to contain: the names of teams and their logos, the score, the start time of the game, as well as the odds. We had more than 10 variants of the game center widget before we came to the current one (and it keeps evolving).

Final design

Here's the current state of the product. Our team is consistently imporving the UX and adding new functionality to make that project a true leader in the sports and bookmaking sphere.

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