Monza eyewear website

Custom designs reflecting the racing theme streamline overall aesthetics while driving home the brand’s core proposition - premium eyewear for the racing enthusiast.


Monza utilizes cutting-edge technology to amplify user experience. Harnessing the capabilities of Shopify for seamless e-commerce transactions, Gorgias live chat to facilitate instant customer interaction, and Klavio's app for nurturing customer relationships through automated, personalized email and SMS marketing.

Home page

When you visit Monza's home page, you enter a world class hub of premium eyewear that gives you a taste of a lifestyle geared towards racing fans and car enthusiasts. Now powered by Shopify, the site’s interface is user-friendly, posh, and mirrors the horsepower-packed vibe that comes with the prestigious motorsport world. You will be introduced to the latest trends and exclusive collection that rev your style to top speed.

Shop page

The catalog page we’ve created is a podium of fine eyewear, poised to cater to the preferences of those fascinated by speed and elegance. You can choose from a diverse range of models, each product displayed with meticulous detail. Whether it's classic vintage frames, modern designs, or specially curated racing-inspired pieces, the catalog is your fastest lane to finding your match.


Our product page is technically designed to spotlight the smallest details of Monza precious eyewear. It takes the customer on a riveting journey - shedding light on the design, materials used, style, evolution and price of every product. All these allow the user to make informed purchase decisions. The zoom-in feature gives a comprehensive view of the products, delivering an authentic online shopping experience.

Heritage Page

Monza's heritage page is a tribute to the long-standing connection between speed and style. Here, customers can delve into the brand's history and evolution - celebrating the legacy of its time-honored affiliation with the racing arena.

Craftmanship Page

Craftsmanship at Monza is a product of love for the racetrack. The clear links between skilled artisanship and the exhilaration of racing are highlighted in products that embody these traits. The creation process, stories, and people behind each set of glasses are documented with care, lending more depth to your purchase. Materials used are detailed, providing an insight into the quality and durability of these designer eyeglasses.


At its core, Monza takes pride in its innovative and alluring website meticulously designed with a custom front-end. Our intuitive user interface showcases a seamless blend of minimalist aesthetics with functional robustness, allowing easy navigation and a delightful shopping experience.

On the technical side, Monza is powered by the robustness of the Shopify backend, a renowned e-commerce platform lauded for its immense scalability, reliability, and security. This feature-rich platform enables straightforward product management, smooth inventory tracking, and uncomplicated order processing. Our seamless integration with Shopify paves the way for a sophisticated and secure payment process, thereby ensuring users of a safe and secure transaction.