Pixsent Mobile App

Сreating an innovative application that allows users to securely and confidentially send their private photos. The main goal of the app is to provide maximum protection for user data and offer them a convenient and reliable tool for exchanging personal photos.

  • Website
  • Admin panel
  • Mobile development
  • Branding


Our goal was to establish a distinctive brand identity, starting from creating a unique logo up to setting the brand guidelines. All of these were carefully designed to encapsulate the app's concept in an engaging manner.

UX design

We dived into the business, collected the vision and requirements of the business owner and designed mock-ups of the future product

UX testing

We created a clickable prototype of the app, conducted UX testing, gathered feedback from the focus group and made the prototype even better.

UI design

Afterwards, we worked on the color scheme, visual elements and elaborated on various use cases

iOS and Android development

Key product features developed for the project:

  • — p2p encrypted messaging;
  • — screenshot prevention;
  • — watermarks on photo and video;
  • — timers and auto deletion of messages;
  • — GIPHY integration.

Website development

The landing page is one of the most important parts of the marketing strategy for any product. That simple and visually appealing website was built to present Pixsent in the best possible way and to generate app installs.