Align corporate coaching system

Client came to us with an up and running methodology of corporate coaching, which needed to be converted into software for the convenience of the customers and subsequent business scaling.

  • App design
  • Website
  • Corporate portal
  • Admin panel
  • Mobile development

UX design

We dived into the business, collected the vision and requirements of the business owner and designed mock-ups of the future product.

UX testing

We created a clickable prototype of the app, conducted UX testing, gathered feedback from the focus group and made the prototype even better.

App development

of own API, backend and integration with third-party services such as Google Calendar, Stripe, Asana

First Login

To work with the application, user need to create one or more alignment patterns to develop your mental abilities in any area of life or business.

Main Screen

On the main screen, user can see his current actions, track progress, view and add new areas of life and business


Actionable metrics on feelings, beliefs, vision and actions on an individual, team, department or company level empower with the clarity to achieve anything in life and business.

Website development

We built 3 websites for different user roles: a site, a portal, an admin panel for Align team.